There are lots of books about Haskell. Unfortunately, most of them are books for beginners (except for Real World Haskell, which covers more interesting things but is terribly outdated). So we decided to write our own book — a book about things that professional Haskellers usually know, but people who have just finished Learn You A Haskell usually don't. Things like:

  • monad transformers and the mtl library
  • parsing combinators
  • type algebra and kinds
  • GADTs, type families and multi-parameter type classes
  • Template Haskell and generics
  • libraries like lens, pipes and reflection
  • low-level details: how data is represented in memory, how Haskell programs are evaluated and how optimizations work

Written by Vladislav Zavialov and Artyom Kazak (but we're looking for coauthors!).

Release date: beginning of 2018.

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