We're writing a book about Haskell. It will be released at the beginning of 2018 at some point in the future. The book will cover a mix of useful, advanced, or just interesting topics – from working with JSON and writing documentation to monad morphisms and libraries like vinyl and reflection.


There is a long path from Learn You a Haskell (or Haskell Programming from First Principles) to becoming a professional Haskeller. Currently this path lies through reading lots of documentation, blog posts, and asking questions on IRC.

It's not very hard to change this – just take a couple of experienced Haskellers, have them write down everything they know about Haskell, and then publish the result somewhere. Well, we're those Haskellers.

Actually, who are you?

Vladislav Zavialov and Artyom Kazak. We learn, teach, write, preach, argue on Reddit, and do all sorts of things with Haskell for a long time now. Now we're writing a book. Also, fine, actually we don't preach that much, but it rhymed so we had to include it.

Okay, I want the book!

Great! Now you only have to wait. While you're waiting, you can subscribe to updates:

By the way, if you want the book sooner – we absolutely welcome co-authors. Write Vlad (@int_index on Twitter and Telegram) or Artyom (yom@artyom.me) if you are knowledgeable on some Haskell topic and want to contribute.

Wait, last thing. What about The Joy of Haskell?

Ah, the elephant in the room. They're writing a work of art, and we're writing the most informative book we can. That's it. (Also, if their book comes out first and it's better, we'll rewrite ours so that it would be better than theirs, because we're stubborn like that.)